@priscillafaia: To the 8 year old boy who stared me down this morning in the ocean.. It’s my first time boogie boarding k?! Turns out I’m fearless. #dick
@mperegrym: @priscillafaia UM my hair was in a ponytail and you ran your board into my face. Be a responsible water patron you #dick

We met on this show and immediately got along. She(Priscilla) is genuinely one of the best humans I know. - Missy Peregrym

Working a case, making plans, making out, or just eating pizza in bed…. the smiles never left their face…. they were just happy to be together again.

missy peregrym and priscilla faia reenacting the princess bride (x)

Missy Peregrym's post on Vine


Lmfao. OMG missy is a nut.